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We can’t do this alone.
Hey everyone, hope you're holding up okay. I've been lurking on this sub for a good 5+ years, usually in the middle of the night reading up on unbelievably tragic stories whilst doing everything I can to comfort myself from the tragedies that I've bought upon myself. Young and smart, old and wise , people […]

Hey everyone, hope you're holding up okay. I've been lurking on this sub for a good 5+ years, usually in the middle of the night reading up on unbelievably tragic stories whilst doing everything I can to comfort myself from the tragedies that I've bought upon myself. Young and smart, old and wise , people of all backgrounds, varying upbringings and financial stabilities are destroying themselves, their loved ones, their future. Whether you are betting away your last £5 because you're too numb to care that you will lose it or are £500k down with everything out on the line, I wish nothing more than for you to find yourself and take the steps to ridding yourself of this disease because if I cant go on like this anymore I really empathise with how some of you must be feeling. Accepting you have a problem, self exclusion, time off will be somewhat beneficial but that is just the bare minimum to finally stepping onto the right path of recovery. We've all done terrible things in the peak of our madness. We've stolen, lied, forgot about others, the ones closest to us and most importantly.. ourselves. It's understandably difficult to be in a so called "healthy routine" or any kind of routine when you're undoubtably suffering for years on end and in most cases, alone. poor eating habits, fucked up sleep, and having brain juice solely from whatever $$$ you have left to fund your dopamine receptors is just fucked up. It's fucked up because I know you who is reading this feels exactly like me, thinking "ah this is definitely my last time, there is no way I go beyond this much damage caused if I stop now I can recover and will be forgiven". I love this justification. I've used it at least a hundred times after major losses, and atleast another hundred times after confrontation with either my mother/SO. In the beginning when my gf found it felt liberating to know that she does not hate me for my gambling antics and I have her for support, but thats where a lot of us fall victim to the bookies again. Why am I writing all of this out? because its a good overview of something that seems so fucking simple yet we cannot get a grasp of it. Don't gamble. Never fucking gamble again. Don't chase past losses, don't chase recent losses because you've relapsed. Don't make the excuse of gambling towards paying off a bill because you know you won't have the funds to cover that bill. If you've come clean with close ones about gambling and they didn't beat you down as much as you already do that to yourself then please, don't take that as a sign to keep abusing their trust and making yourself feel like more of a degenerate, take action, stop betting, gambling, stocks, forex whatever fucking thing thats infront of you and making you lose your mind and life with all those numbers and graphs and predictions just put it away, put it away now please. Im literally crying right now as I can imagine many of you are also in a distraught state but I'm writing this post out of desperation and selfishness, I know that whatever I wrote above is not enough as our brains are just wired differently to normal people, thats why I urge every single one of you to reach out the closest person you have in your life right now and do everything possible to have that person to fully safeguard you for x amount of time so that we get another fighting chance to join those living life for the emotions, memories and happiness that is yet to come, something gambling will never bring upon you, only take it away. Entered gambling young and optmistic. I left emotionless and beaten to my knees. I am ready to part ways with my inner tyrant that is my egoism, self hate and stubbornness to give way to a long road of recovery so that I can have the life I truly want. A nice and simple life without gambling. Solnishko, I love you baby. I love everything about you. You make me smile when I'm sad, you lift me up when I'm down. Sometimes when you lift me up I'm still very very down in my head, and I'm sure this is apparent to you. I hate it. We've been through so many ups and downs throughout our young lives and I would never want us to repeat any of the bad ones again, I feel like those experiences have humbled me, made me stronger but the moment I'm even meddling with even £1 bets I feel like I shouldn't exist because I'm disrespecting you and all the tears that you shed for the hardships that I've put us through. you've had your flaws and I've had mine, but right now you are going above and beyond for us all whilst I sit around doing nothing and setting us back. I dont want to mention all the good things I do as those things would have more value would I not be burning money, so please help me find myself so I can be the best version of myself for you, it means the world to me that you see my good and the love I hold for you, thats why I made this post today, I don't want you to give up on me, Im scared every month when it comes to $$ I always mismanage us, my weed dependancy disgusts me and all in all I want to be a different person for you by the end of this year, I want you to be proud of me, not just for what I do for us, but for what I can do for you. Love you forever and always. My friends, be well, stay clear of gambling and make sure someone is in full control of your finances and understands your situation so you don't have to be alone, you will struggle heavily on your own and I highly recommend killing your inner ego in order to be a better human being for your current family aswell as your future family. submitted by /u/sejev [comments]
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